The technical details behind this tilt adapter
ProMaster XC-M 525 Column Tilt Adapter expands the capability of your XC-M 525 or XC-M 528 tripod (both aluminum and carbon fiber versions) by giving it’s center column the freedom to tilt 180° (90° up & 90° down). This adapter essentially converts your XC-M’s center column into a multi-position, adjustable boom. Simply unscrew the weight hook from the center column, loosen the center column twist lock and slide it out of the tripod. Replace it with the 4028 Column Tilt Adapter, tighten the twist lock, and open the flip-lock on the Column Tilt Adapter. Insert the center column and close the flip lock. This conversion can easily be done in less than 30 seconds. Once your XC-M 525 or XC-M 528 has been converted, you can reinstall the weight hook to the bottom of the adapter and add weight for more stability. A second, retractable weight hook is included with this adapter which you can use at the end of the boom (end of the center column) to counterweight your camera.
To operate the boom, loosen the main knob on the 4028 Adapter while holding your camera, and then tilt the assembly into whatever position you like before tightening the knob. To rotate the boom, loosen the twist lock on the yoke of the tripod and spin the adapter. To extend or retract the boom, use the twist lock on the column to adjust its upper stage. This adapter has a number of teeth machined within its joint to deliver excellent holding power in various tilt positions. Be sure to tighten the adapter’s main knob before you release your camera to prevent it from falling. The 4028 Column Tilt Adapter can be installed and used permanently on your XC-M tripod if you prefer, as it can achieve the same vertical position as the normal center column when needed.
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