3503 is a replacement set of 3 standard feet for any XC-M 522 aluminum or carbon fiber tripod. These are a great, inexpensive replacement set if you happen to lose or damage the standard feet on an XC-M 522 tripod. The XC-M 522 standard feet are normally installed on the tripod from the factory. They are designed to be removable, thereby exposing a 3/8″-16 threaded port on the bottom of each XC-M 522 leg. The threaded ports can be used for connecting other accessories, like the popular All Terrain Feet (ProMaster product code 3510). If you need to replace any, or all 3 of the standard feet on a ProMaster XC-M 522 tripod this set is your solution. * Please note, these feet do not work with the XC-M525 series tripods. If you need XC-M525 standard, replacement feet please refer to ProMaster product code 3720. SPECIFICATIONS: Weight: 5/32 oz / 4.5 grams

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