The Technical Details Behind This UV Filter
Irrespective of how much a brand boasts of their smudge-proof, dust and scratch-resistant camera lenses, every photographer knows that having a robust lens that’s resistant to all of it is nearly impossible. It is in this situation that a lens filter comes into play. A filter ensures your lens is sturdy and durable enough to tackle all the shooting conditions you put it through.
ProMaster has been famous since forever for its top quality lens filters, and the ProMaster UV HGX Prime 72mm Filter is one such fantastic product from the brand.
The filter has a protective Repellemax II Anti-static barrier that keeps your lens safe from all external elements such as dust, oil, water and fingerprints. In addition to its ultra-hardened glass build, it also comes with a scratch-resistant coating.
Top Three Reasons We Think You Will Love The ProMaster UV HGX Prime 72mm Filter.

This UV filter has a sturdy build and is water-proof and stain-resistant.
It boasts cutting-edge multi-coatings and has a thick black-rimmed glass, which ensures passing of the most precise light through your sensor.
Specially crafted for fine lenses, the HGX Prime filters are individually ground, polished and coated to achieve transmission of brilliant light.

The ProMaster UV HGX Prime 72mm Filter is compatible with all types of lenses, making it a popular choice. The filter comes with a compact thickness of 1.3mm and a 22-layer coating for extra protection.
The filter lens has a light transmission rate of 98.2% and a reflection rate of less than 0.3%. The UV cutoff ranges from 390-400 nm, blocking ultraviolet light and allowing only visible light to pass through, which ensures that your camera sees what you do.
Quality And Reliability
The whole purpose of this filter is to protect your lens, and it does that well. ProMaster has a knack of creating reliable, durable products, and it has replicated the same with this lens filter. The material of the filter is solid, toughened thick glass. The 22-layer coating of the filter ensures added protection to the filter as well as the lens.
While outdoor shooting is fun, the number of external factors that can ruin your lens is just too many. With the ProMaster UV HGX Prime 72mm Filter, your lens will be secure. You can focus entirely on shooting rather than worrying about the lens.
Our Expert’s Opinion
The lens is one of the most important aspects of a camera kit, and protecting it is a photographer’s duty. After all, a smudged, dirty lens will not only ruin your view but also ruin your shooting experience. Cleaning a cloudy lens is a time-consuming task, and you surely don’t want to waste your time fretting over it.
For an excellent and smooth shooting experience, you should invest in a lens filter of a reputed brand. And the ProMaster UV HGX Prime 72mm Filter with its robust build and advanced features is just what you require.

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