The technical details behind this charger
ProMaster Dually Charger – USB – Sony NP-BX1 simultaneously charges two batteries. It features a compact and convenient design with a USB-A input cable that neatly stores itself at the bottom of the charger.
USB Power Source     
 Draws power from USB sources, you can use the Dually Charger with a USB AC Adapter (not included), power bank, car charger, laptop, and more.     
 Dual-Charging function     
 Charges two batteries simultaneously, or just 1 if required.   
Top three Reasons we think you will love this charger 
Convenient to Use
 Highly Reliable
 Compact design

Our experts opinion
ProMaster Dually Charger – USB – Sony NP-BX1 saves you more time and effectively charges two batteries at the same time. This Dually Charger is your great companion for a reliable and convenient charging.

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